We've been hacked: The Great Hack of 2016-7


We were hacked. Pretty badly. It got so bad that our service provider "removed" us from the web. We are now rolling out a new website from the pieces of our old so please be patient. If you have any concerns, broken links, or other issue, drop me a line at:webmaster@bpastro.org

From December to the end of February, we were down. We were trying to fix it but it would become hacked again underneath as we did updates. Finally we punted and started with a complete rebuild and a new provider.

We were using the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress, one of the more commonly used CMS's in the industry. We were using a CMS so that many people could add content to our site without having to know the intricacies of HTML and JavaScript. It is "Open Source" which means that many people contribute to developing new features. Unfortunately, not everyone's motives are for the betterment of humanity.

WordPress has many moving parts and tries to do its best to maintain security and keep the bad guys out. But our site became the victim of a set of hackers that manipulated a few features to insert ads for various pharmaceuticals that were not appropriate for this website.

Removing these ads and reconstructing the website is a labour intensive process. We are progressing and we hope for a good result.

If you have suggestions for improvement, difficulty navigating, or other issues please let us know:webmaster@bpastro.org

Thanks for your patience