by Frank Petrie
The Battle Point Park Sundial is in the early stages of fabrication. Lee Fabricators of Silverdale is ordering materials and will start cutting steel in October. It will take about eight weeks to make all the parts and pieces, fit everything up, weld them together, and then apply a flame-sprayed zinc coating followed by paint. We'll be visiting the shop to get progress photos for the next newsletter.
In the meantime, Marty Sievertson of PHC Construction on Bainbridge Island, has volunteered to build the concrete foundation and pedestal. He's gathering the formwork, rebar, and other materials at PHC's Poulsbo yard, right next door to the concrete plant. Because of its tapered shape, the pedestal will be cast upside down to minimize trapped bubbles and formation of voids in the concrete. When the concrete is cured, the 5400-pound pedestal will be lifted up, turned over, and placed on a flatbed boom truck for delivery to the park. Sundial Committee member Russ Heglund arranged for production of an informational plaque that will be placed on the front of the Sundial pedestal. The plaque features the accompanying photo of the ultraviolet sun
SODO 1024pix busy sun (UT)

Recently, David Browning, Malcolm Saunders and Frank Petrie did some surveying in the park to establish the direction of true north for correct orientation of the Sundial on top of the berm north of the Observatory. Accompanying photos show these intrepid surveyors in action taking sights on the sun, using a transit equipped with a solar filter. Azimuth of the sun was determined in real time using Stellarium planetarium software running on a laptop computer.
IMG_1960 IMG_2117 IMG_2120 IMG_3207 IMG_3210 IMG_3212
Soon we will be organizing a digging party to prepare the ground for placement of the pedestal. Stay tuned!